I have a dream… RIP Steve Jobs

Extremely sad but foreseeable news of the great Apple visionary passing away were received and played out in a muted pensive atmosphere outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden London today. Sweet flowers, apples and notes were laid by his photo and dozens of fans came to pay their respects. You could feel a very genuine sense of deep sadness at the loss of this … Continue reading I have a dream… RIP Steve Jobs

iPhonehipsta – shooting from the hip

A new star is born… or is it just another incarnation of this old soul desperately looking for a voice, an outlet, a medium through which to express itself…! Greasy fingerprints, sweaty palms, heartbeats faster, passion brews over time eventually boiling over, spilling raw innards, unadulterated effusions, pure emotion, relentless and regardless… a giant muddle precisely aimed in no particular direction, thirst, unquenchable… relief, release, … Continue reading iPhonehipsta – shooting from the hip

Instagram… a love affair!

It’s been over 2 weeks now, and this isn’t going away… Morning and night provides me with a sense of excitement I would have never dreamt could come from such an intangible totally virtual source… which in reality doesn’t even exist! Cut the power, switch off the WiFi or the 3G and total nothingness remains… not even a soup├žon! Just a vague memory of something … Continue reading Instagram… a love affair!