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Post image for A Photographic Round Up of a Few London Festival of Photography Exhibitions



Born in South Africa in 1953, internationally acclaimed photographer Steve Bloom took to the streets and the townships, photographing people in this pivotal historical moment in 1970s apartheid South Africa.

London Festival of Photography held an exhibition of Steve Bloom’s photographs in the Guardian Gallery. Some of these images were shown for the first time, while others had not been seen since they were first exhibited internationally three decades ago.


No art form captures London city life quite like street photography, and this exhibition was a celebration of both the timeless nature and distinctive quirkiness of the Big Smoke through photographs.


GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC, St Pancras International

Embracing the spirit of patriotism around the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this show presented images from photographers working the length and breadth of the British Isles documenting the daily life, work and rituals of the British in their many incarnations.

Brett Jefferson Stott, the man behind the whole shebang.I caught him smiling, incredibly tired but happy with a successful launch, the gallery was packed and the work extremely interesting.

Behind Closed Doors – Fitzrovia Community Centre

An exhibition looking at the lengths people go to in pursuit of domestic order. Andre Penteado is a Brazilian photographer who has lived and worked in London since 2007. Across the Atlantic in Brazil, having one or more domestic maids is the norm for middle class families. As the country’s economy booms, larger and more luxurious apartments are springing up and with them a heightened need for maids to keep them clean.

However, the women who traditionally take on positions as maids are at the same time becoming increasingly empowered and finding alternative forms of employment.

… and lo and behold, at the end of a great evening I discover that both Andre and Jessica are keen iPhoneographers and both on Instagram.

Firecracker is pleased to announce its first exhibition, featuring projects which explore the consequences of bringing highly personal work into the public realm.

Five female photographers divulge personal stories in this exhibition, engaging visitors through these public displays of their highly sensitive work.

Fiona Rogers – Curator – with Brett

Celine Marchbank – Celine documented the last months of her mother’s life through deteriorating health through to death. Her work is very simple but extremely touching.

Encompassing street, documentary and conceptual photography, the London Festival of Photography included 18 exhibitions and 30 satellite events including workshops, talks and screenings. Exhibiting a variety of styles and format, it presented a comprehensive mixture of disciplines with work from both established and emerging photographers.

Let’s hope we can find a little space in next year’s festival for Mobile Digital Photography.

Marina Akwa – shooting from the hip, 100% iPhone

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The London Festival of Photography
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