iPhonehipsta – shooting from the hip

A new star is born… or is it just another incarnation of this old soul desperately looking for a voice, an outlet, a medium through which to express itself…! Greasy fingerprints, sweaty palms, heartbeats faster, passion brews over time eventually boiling over, spilling raw innards, unadulterated effusions, pure emotion, relentless and regardless… a giant muddle precisely aimed in no particular direction, thirst, unquenchable… relief, release, let go… It’s ok, even better if you can travel with me a little way… I can hold your hand, my hand, my heart on my sleeve… Let the journey begin… Let us travel safely together and share the passion!



4 thoughts on “iPhonehipsta – shooting from the hip

  1. in my opinion, the issue of our “voice… finding a medium through which to express itself” is the soul’s yearning to be more consciously and deliberately expressive.

    sometimes people say things like “I’m just a soul inhabiting a body.” but do we really know what that means?

    in some cases, it seems like we wield certain ideas, ideals and truisms about, but we don’t necessarily have the realizations to back them up. it’s the difference between understanding something, and realizing something. a child may understand that fire is hot because mommy says it is hot. realization, however, only occurs through experience. touch the flame and get burned, and we have now moved from understanding into realization.

    so, to me, this quote represents two things. first, are we ‘realizing’ our inner voice? and do we have the discernment to answer that? second, once realized, what is it that we are here to express?

    mark (seekwa)

    1. Hey Mark, thanx for your comments, much appreciated…
      I am of the Yoga/unity school, where mind/body/soul are but one entity!
      I wrote this at 4am having woken up hungry and thirsty and still excited from my day’s excessive social media manipulation! The resulting rantings reflect that, but are also an accurate reflection of my poetic nature, so it’s important to take this into consideration… I think you may be reading a little too deeply here, and also trying to dissect and analyse what I consider to be raw emotion, and frankly as much as I love to engage in debate which questions the nature and reason of things, I am also a great believer in expression which comes directly from the gut, no questions asked!!! So what is it we are here to express? Well, what we truly feel I guess, which is about delving deep within ourselves, getting past the bullshit of the Ego and letting rip… whilst accepting the nature of constant change!
      There is not one answer…
      Be seein ya on IG xmarina

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