Instagram… a love affair!

It’s been over 2 weeks now, and this isn’t going away… Morning and night provides me with a sense of excitement I would have never dreamt could come from such an intangible totally virtual source… which in reality doesn’t even exist! Cut the power, switch off the WiFi or the 3G and total nothingness remains… not even a soupçon! Just a vague memory of something intensely lived day and night… what was it again? Instagram, a phenomenon of our lonely dejected society… but I know I am not alone, every picture tells a story backed up by copious amounts of likes, love and often sad and funny tales, endless comments… I am akwamarin and I am an IG addict! Watch this space! Love u all for sharing this…



2 thoughts on “Instagram… a love affair!

  1. your place here is beautiful as i knew it would be… the words you give to your thoughts about Instagram reveal so much… yes, every picture a story… how i love that you see that… how much i want to stop on every story to honor it… i am grateful to have another place here to come closer and get to see you and know you… i don’t know French, but with a little help from Google translate and some vague memories of French in school I am deeply moved by what i read here when i landed…

    beautiful new friend i may not have met but for the chance discussion regarding the deletion of some pictures… for this alone i am happy now to have been so impulsive… xo

    1. Hi lovely Joanne, your words are kind and soothing… thank you so much! I’m truly glad to have met you too and hope to have helped you back to sparkling as you should be… I think often we get confused by asking too many questions and being too hard on ourselves! I truly believe that NOTHING REALLY MATTERS, but EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT! Don’t ask…! I am French, and that post was to my Mum whom I lost last year… I still suffer greatly from this in a way I never imagined and the past year has been a long uphill struggle bringing everything into question… a good necessary exercise I am sure! Still, we seem to be divided between a majority who do not think/question enough, and the rest of us who… we know who we are…! Unfortunately makes for a very unbalanced world!
      Looking forward to your posts and pix and words xmarina

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