INTO THE WILDERNESS as featured in GLOW Magazine

INTO THE WILDERNESS by AKWAMARINA A short review of Wilderness Festival 2012 The weather decided to play ball, and that on its own made for a great festival. That and of course the most fabulous location; set amidst a private estate with a lake one could swim in, complete with cascade, rowing boats and a champagne bar. In addition to this, there was a Spa with … Continue reading INTO THE WILDERNESS as featured in GLOW Magazine

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Eye of the storm – sheltering in the stillness as light evolves and revolves around me, showers of particles dancing, bouncing and rebelling, alive with feelings as yet undisclosed, only to change lightening speed. As a photographer, forever trying to harness bend multiply master the quality of light with countless complicated tools of torture. Now no more. Let there be light. The natural filters, branches … Continue reading Uncategorised daily ramble 0.3

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A PHOTOGRAPHIC ROUND UP OF A FEW LONDON FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS by MARINA AKWA Born in South Africa in 1953, internationally acclaimed photographer Steve Bloom took to the streets and the townships, photographing people in this pivotal historical moment in 1970s apartheid South Africa. London Festival of Photography held an exhibition of Steve Bloom’s photographs in the Guardian Gallery. Some of these images were shown … Continue reading Find me in this issue of GLOW Magazine!